Success Tips For Negotiating The Best Price On Your Next New Car

If you are in the market to buy a new car but are dreading the negotiation process, then you will be pleased to learn that there are some simple negotiation techniques that you can use to get yourself the best deal possible.

Follow these tips to negotiate the lowest price on your next vehicle with confidence:

Know That the Negotiation Starts the Minute You Walk onto the Car Lot

When you go out new car shopping, it is vital that you realize that the price negotiation process actually begins the minute the salesperson greets you on the car lot. Salespeople are trained to observe your clothing, jewelry, and even the car you arrived in, to help them build your buyer's profile and estimate what your potential financial situation might be.

You can combat their ability to judge you by arriving:

  • in a nice but used vehicle
  • in casual clothing and tennis shoes
  • without excessive or expensive-looking jewelry

Additionally, if you work in a profession where you are required to wear a uniform or dress in formal clothing, then you should take the time to change your clothes before you go to the automotive dealership. Your goal should be to appear clean and presentable while not giving off the look that you are either poor or wealthy. You need to keep them guessing about who you are so that you can maintain the upper hand in the negotiation process.

Know the Average Price of the Vehicles You Are Interested In

Thanks to the internet, car shopping is no longer the financial mystery that it used to be in the past. You now have a plethora of online resources that you can use to gauge the average price of a specific make and model of vehicle. Before you ever go to the dealership to look for a new car, you should always search for the cars you are interested in online first.

As you look through the available cars online, you will see their various prices, features, and sometimes even special financing offers currently available on them. You can use this research to your advantage when you are negotiating your new car's price at the dealership. Armed with actual costs from other places, you will know when the dealership is trying to upsell you versus when you are being given a fair deal.

Never Give the First Price in Any Financial Negotiation

Finally, never offer the first price in any financial negotiation. You should insist that the salesperson give you the first price for the car you have selected. This will allow you more room for negotiation and will prevent you from making an initial offer that is too high.

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