Buying A Used Bus? Where You Need To Start

If you're looking to get into the transportation business, purchasing a used bus, through a place like Sawyers Bus Sales, is a great place to start. Purchasing a used bus gives you the vehicle you need without blowing your budget. To ensure you're selecting a used bus designed to meet your long-term needs, make sure you know what areas to examine.

Seating Capacity

Make sure you examine the seating capacity of the bus. Think about your business model to determine just how many seats are necessary. While you don't want a bus that is too small to accommodate your seating needs, you also don't want to choose a bus that has too many seats as this will likely be a waste of money.

To stay in a safe margin, consider looking for an option that exceeds your seating capacity needs by about 2 or 3 percent. This overage will give you an extra cushion should you need to accommodate more riders than usual.

Accommodation Features

Once you're operating, your passengers will want more than just a ride; they will also want a comfortable and accommodating ride. To ensure you're able to provide this, investigate what types of accommodation features the used bus has to offer.

You can first start with the basics like a properly-functioning wheelchair lift. You can then move to the inside of the bus and inspect the condition of the seats to check for any significant wear. You can also look for features like seat side outlets, cup holders and food trays. Remember, the more features the bus has the more appealing it will be to potential riders.

Engine Function

It's also important to examine the engine function. When choosing a used bus, especially one with high mileage, it's assumed that there will be some level of engine wear. However, you don't want to choose a bus with major issues as this will only end up being a significant time and financial investment for you in the future.

Have a diagnostic test performed on the engine by an independent mechanic to see if there are any issues, such as an injector failure. You may be able to negotiate for the repairs to be made or have the price of the bus lowered so that you can cover the cost on your own.

Remember that the bus you select will be the focal point of your business so ensure you're taking your time to make the right selection for your needs.