Safety Features To Consider With Your New Car

If you consider yourself to be an environmentalist and are in the market for a new vehicle, then a newer hybrid may be a great choice. Not only are newer vehicles, like the ones made by Ford more environmentally friendly, but they typically have many different features that are able to keep your family safe. Keep reading to learn about a few of these safety options.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Traditional cruise control systems allow you to set your vehicle to a specific speed. When you press on the brake or the gas pedal, then the cruise control turns off automatically. While these types of systems work well for some, you may want to look for a vehicle with a much safer type of cruise control system. For example, if you drive long distances for work or if you like to take long road trips with your family, then you may notice that you start to zone out while driving. The phenomenon is called highway hypnosis where you remain in a drowsy, dream, or trance-like state. 

Highway hypnosis can lead you to be far less attentive when it comes to your driving ability and rear end accidents can then occur. If your vehicle has an adaptive cruise control system, then this can be avoided. The system uses sensors and radar to detect whether or not a vehicle in front of you starts to slow down. If it does, then your car will start to slow down automatically. If the vehicle then speeds up, your car will return to the cruise control speed you originally set. Basically, the system helps you maintain a safe speed at all times.

Blind Spot Detection

Certain types of vehicle will have blind spots that prevent you from seeing cars or objects that sit behind or to the side of you. Some of these blind spots can be removed successfully by positioning your side and rearview mirrors correctly, so make sure to set them correctly before you drive.

The other blind spots are typically where the frame, window, and windshield pillars block your view of the road. You cannot get rid of these blind spots, but you can purchase a vehicle that alerts you to cars and objects in these hard to see areas. This is possible with a blind spot detection system. This system may work in several different ways. The system may use a radar to determine if there is an object in the blind spot when you turn on one of the turn signals or if you shift into reverse. It also may use lights to alert you whenever there is something in one of your blind spot areas. 

Blind spot detection systems are often paired with lane departure warning systems. These tell you if you swerve, leave the driving lane in an unsafe manner, or move towards an object too quickly that can cause an accident.