4 Small Cool New Car Features

When it comes to new car features, the big safety features are the ones that get all the attention. However, there are lots of new car features that are smaller and designed to enhance using and driving your car.

1. Listing Satellite Radio Song

When it comes to satellite radio, you can listen to hundreds of channels, which can make it challenging to choose which channel you want to listen to.

One new feature that some cars have rolled out is a song preview, where you can not only see the name and number of the satellite radio station, you can also see a song that is currently playing on that station. This will allow you to more easily determine what channel you want to listen to without having to flip to the channel and see what they are playing.

2. Speed Camera Warnings

Speed cameras are designed to remotely capture your license plate when you go past the camera and drive over the speed limit. Red light cameras are designed to grab license plates when someone runs a red light. Both systems are designed to be easy ways for governments to make money.

Some vehicle makers are fighting back against speed cameras by providing you with a beeping sound when you are approaching a camera, along with a visual speed camera icon appearing right in the area where your speedometer is located. That way, you will know to slow down.

3. Turn Signal Camera

Third, some vehicles are starting to install turn signal cameras. When you turn on your turn signal, a video will appear on the control monitor. In the video, you will be able to see behind your car effectively.

This turn signal camera is an expansion of the blind-spot cameras found in many vehicles. The turn signal camera can also be used when parallel parking. It doesn't provide you with a constant view of the side of your car; you get the view when you need it.

4. Visual Windshield Wiper Indicator

When you turn on your windshield wipers, you have to remember what setting you have them on. Almost everyone has turned their wipers up or down, trying to figure out what speed they are on. With a visual windshield wiper setting indicator, you can see on your dashboard the level of speed that you have your windshield wipers at.

This icon will only appear on your instrument cluster when you are using your wipers, allowing you to determine better if you want to lower or raise your windshield wipers' speed.

When you go shopping for your next new car, pay attention to the new small features designed to enhance your comfort when driving. For more information on new car options, such as the new Kia Optima, contact an auto dealer like Gary Rome Kia.