Features To Look For In Your Next Excavator

If you are in the market for a new excavator, you may be surprised at all the bells, whistles and features that you have to choose from. New excavators are about more than just getting the job done; they are about getting the job done while enjoying a comfortable cab and a safe ride. Here are a few features you should keep an eye out for while shopping for a new excavator. 

Cab Features

One of the first things you will notice while shopping for a new excavator is all the different features you can enjoy in your new cab. 

Extra Space: The first thing you need to check out when looking at the cab is the amount of space inside the cab. Many different excavator manufactures have worked to expand the space inside of the cab to make it more comfortable and roomy. 

Custom Seats: Next, take a seat and really pay attention to how it feels. Many different excavator models allow you to adjust the seat backwards and forward and up and down. Some models even let you adjust the lumbar support in the seats; this is a great feature to have if you or one of your employees spends most of their day sitting inside the cab of your excavator. Finally, make sure you ask about the suspension in the seat. For a comfortable ride, you need really responsive suspension in your seat. 

Joy Sticks: Make sure you sit down and feel the joysticks. The latest joysticks are hydraulically powered, and should have a soft grip and be easy to manipulate. 

Cup Holders: Keep an eye out for easy to access cup holders. This is a simple feature that many older models did not have. Most modern models should include a cup holder, which will help you keep your cab clean and give you a safe spot to set your coffee or water bottle. 

Heating And Air Conditioning: Finally, while you are checking out the cab, look for all the vents for the heating and air conditioning system, and check them out. An effective system should have vents on the floor, on the side panel of the excavator near the controls, right by the seat, and behind the seat above shoulder weather. When your working early in the morning and in all sorts of weather conditions, its really important to have a comfortable cab that is able to maintain a stable temperature. 

Performance Features

After you check out the cab, make sure you look into the performance features, since that is why you are really buying the excavator. 

Horsepower: The first thing you need to think about is how much horsepower you need. If you are happy with the horsepower you have now, then you can purchase a new excavator with the same amount of power. However,if you are looking for a new machine, there are many models that have higher levels of horsepower in them. Higher horsepower leads to faster cycle times, increases the hydraulic performance of your equipment and increases the amount of torque you have to work with. 

Arm Length: If you wish that the arm of your excavator was a little longer, you can purchase one of the newer models on the market that come with an extendable arm instead of a stationary arm. With an extendable arm, you'll have extra power to lift and move objects when the arm is not extended. When the arm is extended, you'll be able to reach items that are further away and you'll be able to dig a little deeper with your machine. 

Electronic Hydraulic Flow Monitors: If you want to have even more control over your movements when you are inside your excavator, look for models that offer electronic hydraulic flow monitors. These monitors will allow you to control your hydraulics and have more precise control over the arm, clamp and other accessories. 

If it has been a number of years since you have invested in a new excavator, be prepared to be presented with a wide variety of choices and upgrades when you go shopping. Modern excavators offer cabs where comfort is key and offer more adaptable arms, extra horsepower, and electronic monitoring systems which allow you greater control over your actions inside your excavator. Visit trusted local providers, such as Scott Equipment, to find the right excavator for your needs.