3 Reasons To Consider A Car For A Bug Out Plan

One of the most overlooked types of vehicle when it comes to a bug out plan is a car. Most individuals turn to trucks or SUVs when they are looking for a vehicle that they can use to get to safety during a disaster, but cars can offer a wide range of benefits that make them worthy of consideration. You should consider a car for your bug out plan due to the fuel economy, all-wheel drive options, and large amount of storage space.

Fuel Economy

One major advantage that a car will have over most trucks and SUVs is better fuel economy. This is a very important consideration if your bug out location is quite a distance away, or if you want to make your fuel reserves last as long as possible.

Making your fuel reserves last is also a good idea because fuel can often become scarce during a disaster situation so you never know when you may be able to resupply. This is vital because the last thing that you want is to run out of fuel and end up without a means of transportation during a disaster scenario.

All-Wheel Drive

Another reason to consider a car is the fact that you can find a wide range of vehicle models that incorporate all-wheel drive. This can make a car almost as capable of handling rough terrain and off-road driving as a truck or SUV, but in a more compact form. In addition, there are many cars that do so well off-road that they are often used for rally driving, which consists of a lot of off-road and rough terrain.

Large Amount Of Storage Space

Finally, a car can provide you with a very large amount of storage space, particularly if you choose to go with a hatchback. Sure, most hatchbacks won't be able to store as much cargo as a full-size SUV or truck, but they are more than capable of transporting a large amount of supplies so that you can make it through the disaster.

Another benefit to a hatchback or car when it comes to storing supplies is that your supplies will be stored within the vehicle. This is important because it can hide them from the view of potential thieves or looters.

Drop by your local car dealership today in order to see the many new and used cars that can function as great bug out vehicles. A car can provide you with a bug out vehicle that is fuel efficient, capable of off-road driving, and has a lot of cargo space.