Is It Time To Junk My Car?

The most economically sound way to use a used car is to continue driving it until it is no longer drivable. When you sell your car, you lose much of the benefit of purchasing a used car through the process of selling it at a much lower price. However, it is important to know when you can get no more life out of your car and when it should be sold or more likely scrapped, at a place like Ingram Auto Sales Inc. Obviously, you should get rid of your car when it no longer runs. However, there are other, earlier indicators that you should consider getting rid of your car.

Consider the Age

When your car is older than about fifteen years, it is time to start considering whether it is time to get rid of it. The conventional wisdom when you should junk your car is when it would cost more to have your car fixed than your car would be worth. However, if you shop around, you may find a mechanic who is willing to offer a lower price. Still, it may make sense to junk your car sooner. For example, one repair may cost less than what your car is worth, but if you need to continually make repairs, this can add up quickly. The repairs down-the-road also tend to become more expensive.

Factor in the Risk of Being Stranded

You may be concerned with your car completely breaking down as well. Your car may break down in a neighborhood that you'd prefer not to stay in. If your car breaks down during bad weather, your life might be placed at risk.

Factor in Your Current Situation

But it still would be irrational to junk your car if there is a reason why you may need to postpone purchasing another car. For example, you may not be able to afford another car yet or you may want more time to save up for the type of car you actually want.

Consider How Badly Damaged Your Car Is

If your car is old, has over 150,000 miles, doesn't run and has around $500 of damage or more, you will need to take your car to the scrapyard. How much you will receive is based on the weight of your vehicle.

Before you take your car to the junkyard, you will need to make some preparations. You will need to determine whether the junkyard would like your car to already be dismantled or if they will do so themselves. You will need to bring your title to prove that you own the car. Also, tell them what parts are damaged and whether your car runs.