Moving Somewhere With Harsh Winters? 4 Driving Features To Look For

When you move to a place where harsh winters are common, you are going to want to make sure that you have a vehicle that can keep you safe in cold and slippery winter weather conditions.

All-Wheel Drive

The first and primary feature that you should look for when shopping for a vehicle is all-wheel drive. With an all-wheel drive vehicle, all four of your wheels will be gripping the ground when you drive. This means that when you give your vehicle power, all of your tires will spin instead of just your front or rear tires.

When you live somewhere with harsh winters, you want to get as much traction on the road as possible. The best way to get the most traction possible is by having an all-wheel drive vehicle, which will help you greatly reduce the risk of sliding on the ice or skidding in the snow.

Traction Control

Traction is really important when driving in harsh winter weather. When the roads are wet and slick, you want to have as much traction as possible. Traction control is a system that determines how much each of your tires is spinning; if one of your tires is spinning more than the others, your traction control will activate your brakes in order to slow down the spinning tire. Traction control helps prevent slips and slides on icy and wet roads, and is a great feature in areas where winter seems to last for months.

Dynamic Stability Control

The next driving feature you want to look for is dynamic stability control. With dynamic stability control, your vehicle is able to automatically detect when your car is skidding; when this happens, your dynamic stability control system kicks in and takes control of your engine, ensuring that your vehicle doesn't skid too far. It helps keep your vehicle in control so you can navigate icy roads safely.

Fog Lights

You may not have a lot of use for fog lights in the city, but in an area that gets harsh winter conditions fog lights can be essential. Fog lights can help you see the road and where you are heading, and they're not just for the fog – they can be really helpful during heavy rainfall and snow as well.

When you move somewhere with harsh winters, you want to make sure that your vehicle is equipped with the right tools to keep you safe on the road. Look for an all-wheel drive vehicle that is equipped with traction control, dynamic stability control, and fog lights. You can visit sites like for more information.